Voices from Bristol Bay

We're excited about the building momentum to protect Bristol Bay up here in Alaska! The EPA comment period to gain public input on proposed protections for mining in Bristol Bay is underway and the hearings are on the horizon. If you have not commented, please do so here.

In the meantime, we wanted to highlight a few voices from the Bay to encourage you to weigh in and protect one of the last wild salmon runs in the world. 

Name: Dwayne Meadows

Affiliation: Commercial Fisherman on F/V N-20 and organizes sportsmen in the Pacific Northwest for Trout Unlimited.

Why do you love Bristol Bay? It is one of the last large intact eco-systems left in the world, included in that is a working landscape providing food, jobs, and culture. Really there are very few places like it on the planet.
What is your fondest fishing memory in Bristol Bay? Seeing a million sockeye fill Nushagak Bay
If Pebble Mine were built, what impact of the mine do you most fear? Long term degradation of water quality and increased mining development and a loss of fishing jobs and culture in the Bay
What do you want someone living in the Lower 48 or who has never been to Bristol Bay to know about the region?
This is one of the last intact wild salmon fisheries on the planet, no hatcheries no dams, yet still providing 40% of the worlds sockeye.  Pebble could bring an end to a national treasure that has provided jobs, food and a civilization for thousands of years.  

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